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Cyril Kamya, MD

Dr. Kamya is based at SIH New Life Weight Loss Center in Herrin, IL. Dr. Kamya performs a wide range of general and bariatric surgeries. As a Bariatric surgeon in Southern Illinois, Dr. Kamya will help individuals achieve their personal health and weight-loss goals.

About Dr. Kamya

Dr. Kamya completed his education at Cardiff University School of Medicine (United Kingdom), his residency in General Surgery from the University of New Mexico Hospital, and a fellowship in Advanced Gastrointestinal, MIS and Bariatric Surgery from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Please feel free to contact our office for any questions by calling 618.988.6171. You can view the free online information session or attend the in-person information session as well as attend free weekly support group meetings held at Herrin Hospital to learn more.